The Iconic Bearbrick 400: A Must-Have Collectible

The Iconic Bearbrick 400 A Must-Have Collectible

Bearbrick 400, a diminutive yet mighty figure, stands as a symbol of contemporary art, design, and collectibility. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Bearbrick 400, exploring its origins, design intricacies, collectibility, and its significant impact on popular culture.

Introduction to Bearbrick 400

Bearbrick 400, produced by Medicom Toy Incorporated, is a series of bear-shaped plastic figures standing at approximately 400% the size of a standard Bearbrick. Each Bearbrick is composed of nine parts: head, torso, arms, hands, waist, and legs, all of which are interchangeable. The figure serves as a blank canvas for artists and designers worldwide, leading to an array of unique designs.

History of Bearbrick 400

The Bearbrick 400 was first introduced in 2001, evolving from the original 100% size. Since its inception, Bearbrick has become a globally recognized collectible, with collaborations ranging from iconic brands to renowned artists.

Design and Features

Standing at approximately 28 centimeters tall, the Bearbrick 400 commands attention with its larger-than-life presence. Its chunky silhouette and minimalistic design make it instantly recognizable among collectors.

Materials used

Crafted from high-quality plastic, each Bearbrick boasts durability and meticulous attention to detail. The figure’s smooth surface serves as a perfect canvas for various artistic expressions, ranging from intricate patterns to bold designs.

Artistic collaborations

One of the most captivating aspects of Bearbrick 400 is its collaborations with artists, fashion designers, and pop culture icons. From streetwear brands like BAPE and Supreme to acclaimed artists such as KAWS and Keith Haring, Bearbrick’s diverse collaborations continually push the boundaries of creativity.

Collectibility and Popularity

Bearbrick 400 releases are often limited edition, adding to their allure and collectibility. Limited quantities and exclusive designs make each release highly sought after by collectors worldwide.

Rarity and exclusivity

Certain Bearbrick 400 editions are exceptionally rare, with limited production runs or exclusive distribution channels. These rare finds often fetch significant prices in the resale market, attracting serious collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Collectors’ community

The Bearbrick community is vibrant and diverse, comprising avid collectors, enthusiasts, and artists. Social media platforms and online forums serve as gathering places for fans to share their latest acquisitions, trade figures, and discuss upcoming releases.

Bearbrick 400 in Popular Culture

Bearbrick 400 has transcended its status as a collectible, making appearances in various forms of popular culture. From cameo roles in movies and TV shows to starring roles in music videos, Bearbrick has cemented its status as an iconic pop culture symbol.

Influence on fashion and streetwear

The influence of Bearbrick 400 extends beyond the realm of art and design, permeating into the world of fashion and streetwear. Collaborations with streetwear brands have resulted in limited edition apparel, accessories, and footwear, further solidifying Bearbrick’s cultural significance.

How to Spot Authentic Bearbrick 400

Authentic Bearbricks 400 figures feature specific authentication markers, including the presence of the Medicom Toy logo, serial number, and copyright information. Additionally, genuine Bearbricks exhibit precise molding and attention to detail.

Common counterfeit signs

Counterfeit Bearbricks 400 figures may lack the quality and attention to detail found in authentic pieces. Look out for inconsistencies in paint application, misaligned seams, and missing authentication markers when identifying counterfeit Bearbricks.

Tips for Collectors

Bearbricks 400 figures are available through various retailers, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Official Medicom Toy retailers and authorized resellers offer the assurance of authenticity and quality.

Storage and display

Proper storage and display are essential for preserving the integrity of Bearbricks 400 figures. Consider investing in display cases or shelves to showcase your collection while protecting it from dust and damage.

Future value considerations

While collecting Bearbrick 400 figures can be a rewarding hobby, it’s essential to consider the long-term value of your collection. Limited edition releases and collaborations with renowned artists may appreciate in value over time, making them valuable assets for collectors.


In conclusion, Bearbricks 400 stands as a testament to the intersection of art, design, and collectibility. With its iconic silhouette, diverse collaborations, and significant impact on popular culture, Bearbrick continues to captivate collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. Whether displayed as a work of art or cherished as a collectible, Bearbricks 400 embodies the spirit of creativity and individuality.

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